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lifeskills, practises and techniques for everyone

2020, in all the strangeness and new challenges of those Covid times, gifted me the opportunity to learn, broadening my skillset and expanding my offer as  a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. My intention for this blog was to share tasters of some of these ideas, and hopefully deliver some fresh perspective for you to consider and perhaps even bring into your life as a wellbeing practise that you can gift to yourself.

There is so much wisdom out there in the world, so many wonderful people with knowledge and practises to share. To them I give thanks for gifting the world their wisdom that can be passed on and on. I believe this wisdom belongs to all of us, and often arrives at just the right moment!

And so I invite you to visit these posts with an open mind, asking yourself ‘does this speak to me?’ ‘do I want to find out more?’ ‘is there someone in my life who needs to know about this?’​ I encourage you to listen to that voice, and follow it, for that is your part in the sharing of this wisdom for the benefit of all beings.

I invite you to approach these ideas with a Playful, Accepting, Curious and Empathic attitude (PACE is such a great attitude for life, thanks Daniel Hughes, Ph.D.)

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