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Internal Family Systems - IFS Norfolk

Bringing Awareness and Kindness to your Inner World for Healing and Inner Harmony

Internal Family Systems provides a structured and reliable way of working with difficult or entrenched patterns and limiting beliefs.

With this highly effective yet 'light-touch' therapeutic system, I can facilitate deeply healing inner work. Those who have tried it consistently say that it is incredible in the way that it can release them from emotional pain and stuckness, freeing them up to enjoy life again and feel more fully present in the every day. 

Please see my blog for more detail on IFS therapy and how it works.

What will my IFS session be like?

Each IFS session is different. Sometimes it may appear to be like any other talking therapy session, other times it may be quite different. There is no need to know anything beforehand, or to understand any theories or ideas. IFS is a way of following your needs, building self awareness and connecting with your deep inner understandings that contribute to how you engage with the world. Some will be very familiar to you, some will seem quite new.
IFS therapy is a gentle and unintrusive way of reaching into past hurts and finding healing.

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For clients familiar with IFS -  recording parts

As you grow more familiar with your parts, you may find there are more than you can comfortably remember. Creating your own map of parts may be helpful, and if you want to record them in more detail, you may choose to create some catalogue cards. 
Follow the link below to download my design for catalogue cards - and feel free to adapt it to your own requirements!

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IFS Therapeutic groups

Coming soon - register your interest to learn more:

6 week themed course to learn about IFS and get to know your own system. Introductory level - no previous knowledge required.

Each week we will engage in a different group activity in which you will be invited to focus on a part or parts of yourself and get to know how they serve you and what you can do to help them to feel more at ease within you.

Approximate schedule (depending on the group):

Week 1 - Introducing IFS and mapping your system

Week 2 - Manager parts

Week 3 - Firefighter parts

Week 4 - Exiled parts

Week 5 - Self Energy

Week 6 - taking this forward, closing  

Typical course themes might be Anxiety, Depression, Relationships.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like information on the next course, please contact me to register your interest


No matter where you are
and what you face,
within your heart peace IS possible

Jack Kornfield

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