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  • Fairlie Winship

Daily Practise: the value of Me Time

Each week I have shared a different thought or technique designed to support good mental health, providing tasters that you can try out for yourself, and hopefully helping to empower you to nurture yourself and take action when you need to. As we reach the end of the year and consider our dreams for the year ahead, I’d like to remind you, as I remind myself of the value of Daily Practise.

Be it exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness (not the same thing!) or nature connection, Daily Practise is a gift that will see you through difficult times. Those times when you may not feel you have the resources to motivate yourself despite all good intention. If you already have a Daily Practise in place, it will have its own momentum and will carry you through to the light again.

The content of the Practise (ie what you choose to do) is of course important, but there is also an often overlooked value to the mere fact of Daily Practise itself. That you choose it and give it to yourself on a daily basis provides a momentum, connectivity and awareness of self that significantly boosts wellbeing.

Do you have a Daily Practise? Is there a Daily Practise that you wish you had? How can you make it manageable? What you you get in place to support your Daily Practise and make sure it is a priority in your life?

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