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Booking your first therapy session can be really hard, and heres why:

Asking for help is hard - it feels uncomfortable perhaps? unfamiliar? weak? the flood gates might open? For many people, things have to get almost unbearably hard before they even begin to search for a therapist to help them.

And what will I say anyway? Do I tell them everything straightaway? Can I even bear to do that?

How do I know what the therapist is like? Will it be worth the money? Will they really understand what things are like for me? Will they judge me? Can anyone really help me to feel better? Arghhh - Its a lot, right!

Starting therapy can bring up so many feelings. Its a big step for most of us, and a significant investment into the unknown; of the changes it might or might not bring about….and there are no guarantees.

Well, everybody’s journey in life is different, but for what its worth, in the post below I’ll share some thoughts as one who has been there where you are now …. and who now sits in the therapist's chair!

What therapy could do for you

Remember that old idiom ‘old habits die hard’? Its often these very habits and patterns that carry the burden of emotional pain that manifests as stuckness, self limitation, suffering or any other discomfort.

Therapy brings these patterns to a conscious level so that you can unhook from them and grow more comfortable in yourself. It is an invitation to journey inside to explore these patterns together with the safety of a skilled therapist.

And you are the expert in this journey of self discovery - even if at first you dont feel it! I will guide you inside to find your own truth beyond the messages and ideas you have absorbed from others.

EG. Do you have beliefs about yourself you’ve carried since childhood? Well, together we can reassess these beliefs and liberate you from outdated and unwanted ideas and identities: essentially letting go of the past.

So this is the Choice Point.

Are you ready to reach out and take the next step?

Is it time for this new chapter in your life?

Whenever the moment comes, I will be here with the door held open, ready to help you to feel better in yourself and in the world.

I really look forward to meeting you, whenever the time is right for you.

Call me on 07999 002 854 or email

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