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Your privacy and rights

For us to work together I will need to keep your name, telephone number and email address on my mobile phone for the duration of our work together. (I only hold texts/emails whilst they are relevant and required, after which they are deleted).

Your personal details (including GP details and other relevant personal information) will be stored in a password protected file on my computer. You will be required to sign a GDPR statement (to agree to my holding this personal information). Once this is signed, we can complete the Counselling Agreement which states the boundaries of our work together. These will then be locked away in a secure file in my home.

I will also keep minimal written records that  sumarise each session. These notes are for my own good practise, and will be kept separately to any identifying personal data for the period required by my Practise Insurance before being destroyed. A log of sessions attended and any other communication we have will be kept alongside these notes.

I attend monthly Clinical Supervision, which is an essential part of counselling work set out by the BACP to ensure that Counsellors work ethically and safely at all times. Only in exceptional circumstances would your contact details be shared with my Supervisor so that if I am incapacitated they can contact you to explain the situation.

Your notes are for my records and reference only, unless there is a specific legal requirement for me share information, in which case I would share only the necessary and relevant information.  In the unusual event of a safeguarding concern (if I am concerned that yourself or another person is at risk of serious harm), then I have a duty of care to act by contacting the appropriate services. For example, safeguarding children or vulnerable adults; or if you were to disclose that you are going to/ or have committed a serious crime.
Depending on the situation, I would endeavour to discuss this with you before any information sharing happened.

You are within your rights to request to see information that I hold about you. To do so please ask me and submit a written request (by email or on paper). I will endeavour to provide you with the information requested within 4 weeks. 
If you have any questions or concerns about the way that your information is being held, please do not hesitate to ask me.

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