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  • Fairlie Winship

Self care and your happy hormones!

As the days grow shorter and the temperature plummets, refocusing on self care can be a game changer for some of us. What do you do to take care of yourself and nourish your own wellbeing? Taking an active role in your own self care will boost your ‘happy hormones’:

Dopamine is the motivation and reward hormone can be boosted by completing tasks, celebrating small wins, cultivating an attitude of gratitude and taking pleasure in eating (healthily, of course!)

Seratonin is triggered by confidence which can be gained through actively engaging in physical challenges, for example walking in nature, running, cycling, swimming

Oxytocin is produced as a result of connection with others, for example cuddles with pets, hugs with a family member, sharing a smile, sending someone a kind message or giving a compliment and developing social trust

Endorphins which are the ‘natural painkillers’ that can be experienced as a result of laughter, stretching, exercise, and (get this!) eating dark chocolate!

What can you do this Winter to be boosting your happy hormones?

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