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Awe walks

Awe walks

This week Ive been practising 'Awe walks', and Id love to share this idea with you to try for yourself: when you go outside, switch on your inner child and look at nature through the freshness of those youthful eyes. Do you remember being transfixed by a ladybird or a worm? Maybe you’ve recently seen a young child poring over a puddle? Personally I am guaranteed this every time I look up at the sky through the leaves of a tree; I take a deep breath and it fills me up with more than oxygen: it fills my heart, makes me feel a part of something huge and wonderful and connects me to a deep gratitude for where I am and my existence in this world.

Switching on your sense of awe and getting outside is such an easy way to feel wonder and connection. What is your experience of it? And the beauty of it is that you can connect to that moment of wonder anytime…its there whenever you want to call on it. Enjoy!

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