Counselling and

talking therapy

Helping you to feel better

Do you need to feel safe and accepted?

I provide a confidential and non judgemental space where you can explore any aspect of life.

Alongside you all the way, I can help you to process your feelings, find new coping strategies and improve your sense of wellbeing.

Together we will make sense of what is troubling you and help you find your way through to a brighter outlook.

We can explore your strengths, aspirations, values and goals as well as find ways to cope and feel better.

Everybody comes to counselling for different reasons, but common themes are stress, relationships, change, loss, parenting and distressing or traumatic events.

Few of us function well when we are effected by difficulties, are generally unhappy, or just lack zest for life. 

The emotional support that I offer in counselling will help you get back on track and move towards fulfilling your potential.  


How I can help

I have worked with many different people, and can support you with:

  • Mental Health problems

  • Stress, anxiety, depression, low mood and low self esteem

  • Relationship Issues, parenting support, adolescence, identity, intimate relationships, domestic abuse and work relationships

  • Behaviour challenges

  • Addiction recovery

  • Trauma recovery

  • Managing life with a diagnosis (eg. ADHD, ASD, OCD)

  • Fears and phobias

  • Existential issues

......and much more

Sharing your problems confidentially is incredibly therapeutic.

I will be alongside you all the way as you do this, helping you to find a way through as you find some fresh perspective and thoughts that help you to feel better.

With many years of training and experience in this work I can help you to cope with life in a new way so that you can find happiness and contentment in your present moment.



What Clients Have Said:

"Counselling has changed my perspective and improved my outlook on life. I feel like Ive been listened to but challenged, helping me to become more mindful on all levels." Sam, January 2020

'Since first coming to counselling with Fairlie I have been able to change my approach to situations.' Jo, June 2019

'I have benefited from counselling immensely. Fairlie has been an amazing support and has allowed me to process things in a different way to change old habits. I now feel strong and ambitous about the future. Without doubt these session have been the most valuable part of my healing process.' Anon, July 2019


No matter where you are

and what you face,

within your heart peace IS possible

Jack Kornfield