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Ecotherapy and Wellbeing in Nature Groups

               ~ When we connect with nature

                 we reconnect with our hearts ~

Ecotherapy is a way of being, experiencing connection with nature. We meet as a small group in a community woodland to engage with nature through some simple activities together.

Ecotherapy is a nature based approach to healing that relates to the outdoor environment as a therapeutic sensory space. 

Ecotherapy recognises humanity as a part of the ecosystem, where our own healing is reflected in the healing of nature and vice versa. Understanding this interconnectivity helps us to experience ourselves as a part of the continuity of nature, and provides a unique opportunity to re-experience ourselves afresh: by observing nature, and ourself in nature, we develop awareness of how we relate within it. This supports the development of secure attachments with all of life, contributing also to the larger healing process of the world.


Training and Workshops

~ Building skills to help others on their healing journey ~

I provide workshops and training days for Mental Health Workers, Therapists, Counsellors and Ecotherapists who are interested in developing their creative counselling skills and bringing fresh and innovative ideas and perspectives to their work. Please go to Tariki's eventbrite page to see what is currently on offer.


Upcoming events

Introduction to Counselling Skills in Ecotherapy

19th November 2022

Therapeutic Work with Children and Young People in Nature

3rd December 2022

Ecotherapy Practitioners Forum


Internal Family Systems therapeutic group


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