Young people, Children, Parents and Carers

I am not currently taking on any young clients, however I am happy to refer on to colleagues, and will continue to offer parenting consultations


Counselling in a creative and child friendly way

And helping you to help your child

Often children and young people 'act out' because they are not yet able to fully express themself or understand what is happening for them.

Counselling provides a safe place where a child or young person can explore their feelings and develop useful coping strategies to regulate their emotions.

Sometimes parents involvement in this process is essential, sometimes the child needs the space alone to support their growing identity. Alternatively sometimes parents seek support in finding ways to help their child (see Parenting section below). We can discuss what will work best for your situation.

The most helpful way a caring adult can support a child or young person in counselling is to show that you accept it as a normal and useful activity by being interested if they wish to talk whilst taking care not to press them to share anything if they prefer not to. 

Your child's confidentiality is important

I do not discuss the content of sessions with parents or carers unless your child requests it or gives consent to me to do so. I understand this can be difficult, and it is quite natural to wonder what might be said during a session. However this confidentiality is crucial for establishing trust so that your child feels confident to speak openly and freely about what is concerning them and what might be causing the problems that they are experiencing.

See 'Counselling Agreement' for more information


Creative therapy for children and young people

Working with objects

Sometimes it can be hard to express yourself. Sometimes words aren't enough..or are too difficult. 

Objects such as toys animals, emojis, puppets and human characters are available in sessions to help children express themselves through play. Sometimes I use metaphor and story to encourage expression of your child's inner world, other times your child's play serves as a window into their unconscious processes.

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Building emotional intelligence

Helping children and young people to build self awareness and understanding for why they respond in certain ways helps them to consider their choices.

Adding self soothing tools and coping strategies into the mix allows them to identify helpful ways of responding when big emotions arise.

Some children need help in learning social skills and empathy skills too. Developing self understanding provides a foundation for learning a range of skills that help children and young people grow more comfortable in the world.

Finding different ways to express themself

Every child is unique. Learning how to express themself helps them to manage emotions and cope better with everyday life. 

Some young people find it confusing at first entering a child led space - they have always been told what to do. In my sessions I offer a range of activities for the young person to choose from, sometimes adding in psychological education to help them better understand what causes distressing emotions and how to handle them.

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Parenting Support and Consultancy

Helping you to help your child

Are you finding parenting hard going at the moment?

Does it all feel too much?

I can help. 

I have many creative and practical techniques that you can use to help your child today. These techniques will:

  • help them feel connected, loved and appreciated

  • help them to self soothe and to regulate their emotions

  • help them to build self esteem and positive identity

  • help them to process difficult feelings or thoughts

  • help them manage their anger

  • help them cope with low mood, anxiety, depression, bad thoughts, ADHD diagnosis, ASD diagnosis

These simple ideas can make a world of difference to your family, so please dont struggle alone.

Contact me today for some help and relief.

Contact me today on 07827 095 826

Children and parent testimonials ...

'My sessions with Fairlie have been fun - it doesnt feel like work at all!' BD

'Sometimes we talk about uncomfortable feelings, but Fairlie is calm and friendly and she really knew how to help me feel better about things'. SR

'She helped me feel relaxed about being there and helped me to realise that its normal to have all these feelings. Now I know what I can do to help myself feel better'. LP

My 10 yr old son was experiencing quite frightening panic attacks. After just a few sessions with Fairlie the panic attacks stopped. Through play and talk therapy, my son learnt about himself, his feelings, his emotions and his reactions to them.
He loved his sessions with Fairlie. 
Fairlie's experience, knowledge and inspirational way of communicating has helped my son to find peace within himself and the world around him. He is happy and now an inspiration to me. KF


No matter where you are

and what you face,

within your heart peace IS possible

Jack Kornfield